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We service customers in various sectors including Merchant Sales, Public Relations, Real Estate, Consulting, Construction, Media, Government, Event Management, Non-profit Organizations, Corporations & LLC’s, and more.
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We are a women owned minority small business with an excellent track record in bookkeeping and accounting.

Our core goals include:

  • Establishing partnerships to provide great bookkeeping services.
  • Serving as the accounting liaison between your business operations and Certified Public (tax) Accountants.
  • Assisting in keeping a proper set of books throughout the year.
  • Streamlining an affordable solution to meet your goals.
23+ years
Years in business
14+ years

Bookkeeping for us is more than just numbers on a page. It is about the health and well-being of those who entrust us with their businesses.

For that reason, we are incredibly diligent in the execution of our work and in the details of our client accounts.

We work consistently to not only earn your business but to maintain it.

Rita Kumi

President & Financial Director

Meet our industry experts

Our team has exceptional talent with day-to-day business operations.

We have held positions in almost all areas in accounting. As such, we know what it takes for businesses to gain control of functioning records. 

With over 17 years of industry experience, Rita's SBBK Focus is on providing expert advice and executing project goals.

Rita Kumi

President & Financial Director

A system support Accountant with over 7 years’ experience in government contracting accounting and compliance. SBBK Focus is on maintaining and monitoring systems in compliance with agreements and project goals.

Joyce Sisson-Fransaw

Project Accountant

Maintains tenant, vendor and property files, including insurance certificates, lease abstracts, etc. in accordance with prescribed standards.

Azeeza Mussa

Real Estate Services - Coordinator

Accounting Coordinator and Bookkeeper. Record Keeping & Daily Transaction Maintenance with years of experience and exceptional bookkeeping skills. SBBK Focus is mapping out challenges in data analytics, entries and translating business transactions into categories.

Ashley Ray

Coordinator/Full Charge Bookkeeper

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Lanham, MD 20706

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