“Rita is my favorite bookkeeper who has been doing my bookkeeping for over 10 years.  She is thorough, quick, on time and very knowledgeable, a true professional!.”

Cunningham Investments

Sue Hur
Managing Partner

“SBBK has been instrumental in getting my business financially organized and on track. They have taken me from excel spreadsheets to professional expense reporting, income tracking, and tax reporting.”

Elaine Mensah
Brand Strategist
“SBBK has been an invaluable partner in my journey of developing my business.  Rita has an expansive knowledge and expertise in accounting and other area essential to business success.”
Metropolitan Elite Family Practice, LLC
Linda McGee, MD.
Family Medicine Physician
 “SBBK was a lifesaver for our organization. Ms. Kumi’s extensive knowledge of non profit accounting and bookkeeping structures helped us to become more efficient and eliminate costly mistakes”.
The Association of Black Psychologists

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Anisha Lewis
Executive Director