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SBBK stands for
Small Business Bookkeeping
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Founded in 2008, SBBK Services & Solutions, LLC is an independent accounting & bookkeeping consulting firm that specializes in recording and reporting the financial effects of your business.

We are dedicated to providing personalized services that cater to each specific client and your needs. 

What we are known for

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, Non-profit Audit Preparation and Planning

Payroll Processing

SBBK manages outsourced and internal payroll. We can continue to use your existing payroll company to assist you in processing your payroll or your business can establish processing payroll by setting up a new account through SBBK partnered payroll database. All payrolls are recorded and reconciled to the general ledger on a bi-weekly basis.

Audit Preparation - PBC List

Annual audits are a secure way of securing future funding for 501c3 organizations and government contracts. The responsibility relies on management to produce financial statements. Auditors provide an insured compliance check to ensure the numbers being reported are within accounting principle standards and are fairly stated. To do this test are performed and financial documentations are prepared. Documentation, spreadsheets and schedules are Prepared By Client and SBBK Services and Solutions can assist in structuring your books and data to help you have a clean and organized process for your Audit and 990.

Data Entry

With all the software and programs offered there is still no work around from entering data into a system. Recording transactions such as your donations, sales, service revenue donations are still necessary. If you’re having difficulty transferring or uploading your data, we can help. Importing and syncing your bank data are just a few brief steps away. All of our staff specialize in data entry of all accounting and project activities.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s how you generate your revenue. We’ll work with you to create items to charge, tracking profitable and non-profitable inventory. We are creative in designing and generating your client/customer service invoices. Let us establish aging reports and provide routine receivable collection updates. How you receive payment for your services is also key to your business cash flow. We are available to assist with the set-up of your merchant, pay pal, or direct deposit of payments.

Accounts Payable

Your bills from your vendors may come in daily, weekly, or even monthly. We organize all bills that come in the mail or are electronically delivered into one database so that you may view your debts due all in one program. The same program will allow you to approve bills to be paid, view due dates, analyze payment mail out dates and enter the amounts you are ready to pay. Decide on what dates of the month work better for your check runs. Choose to write a physical check, schedule a system check or set your vendor up to be paid electronically. Start organizing your vendor bills system today!


Account Reconciliations are part of the final steps to ensuring your posting activities are correct within your books. Yes, banks can make a mistake but 99.9% of the time your bank statements are correct. We will make sure all your deposit and withdrawal activities match your merchant, bank and credit card statements. We believe in the ethics of principal owners reviewing bank statements and reconciliation reports. Your financial bank reconciliations are vital to the success of your financial reports.

Revenue-Income-Grant Reporting

Supporting Income categories are established and clearly identified within your accounting software. Revenue can be tracked and reported by project and/or classes.

Training, Skills & Quality

Daily training rates starts at $800+. Includes review of your books and 3 specific areas of concentration.


We work closely with the top tier bookkeeping and administrative platforms in the country.

We utilize our partner platforms to implement SBBK's 5 Step Approach which includes:

Analyzing, Developing, Implementing, Reconciling, and Financial Reporting.

Our clients vary in size, scope, and industry

We service customers in all sectors and we are proud to have worked with the following businesses:


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